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Our Martial Arts programs will
give you
a massive boost
to your confidence. 

We will bring the diamond out of you, we will
replace unsightly fat with solid muscle so you look
toned and attractive. You will feel safer and more
energized, in fact you will notice massive
improvements all round in your life,
relationships and in every area of your life.

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The First Step on the Journey...

Being taught Martial Arts is more than learning to punch or kick. You will learn about your own personal development,
about honour, dignity, leadership skills, plus develop courage. You will discover an active life that offers spirituality and emotional
development while, at the same time, getting fit, strong, and slim and having fun whilst experiencing in a great new pastime.

You will be surprised but changes can be made quickly – improved confidence; improved fitness and enhanced physique –
all are available from our martial arts classes, whatever your age! Turn that wobbly, unwanted fat into toned, lean muscle.
Fat to fit can be achieved in a few short weeks with the training that we offer. Book your free trial to make the first step!

Training in our dojo at Marsden Martial Arts Chesterfield


Respect and Discipline at Marsden Martial Arts Chesterfield


We also provide family friendly classes where children can learn techniques that will improve their listening skills,
increase their discipline and enhance their confidence. They will be well looked after and have great fun while they
learn the disciplines of mixed martial arts that will enhance them and create strong, confident and personable individuals.


Marsden Martial Arts Chesterfield  teach kids respect and discipline

Give us a call if you are interested in:

Family Martial Arts
Adult Martial Arts
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) / MMA /Kick Boxing /Judo /Karate/Ju Jitsu
Kids Martial Arts

We cater for all ages and all fitness levels so get in touch to find out more of what we can offer.

We are friendly and its fun so if you are serious, get curious and call us on: 07702 801695



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